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Consortium for the Global South

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The Centre of African Studies

The Centre of African Studies has fostered the study of the African continent for over 50 years

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The Centre of Development Studies

The Centre of Development Studies promotes the study of the developing world and development economics

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The Centre of Latin American Studies

The Centre of Latin American Studies is the focal point of the University's teaching on South and Central America

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The Centre of South Asian Studies

The Centre of South Asian Studies is a world-renowned resource for scholars studying the Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia.

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The Consortium for the Global South is a new collaboration led by the Centre of African Studies, Centre of Development Studies, Centre of Latin American Studies, and Centre of South Asian Studies, promoting the interdisciplinary study of the Global South within the University of Cambridge and beyond. It brings together scholars of different regions and disciplines seeking to address some of the major challenges of the world today, and to locate these challenges in history.

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Global Ecologies

There is a double burden placed upon the South in today’s imagination of a precarious global ecology – both as the place that stands to suffer most from the oncoming environmental disaster as well as the source for humanity’s eco-friendly redemption. This research theme will bring people together across the University who are working on questions of ecology and the relationship between humans and nature.

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The Politics of Science and Technology

Eurocentric narratives of the evolution of science and technology typically position Africa, South Asia and Latin America as backward or dependent. These accounts often ignore and render invisible the significant contributions made by scientists and innovators in these regions. We cannot construct a truly global history of knowledge without understanding the pioneering role of regions that have often been excluded from Western histories of scientific and technological advance.

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Migration and Work

This research theme encompasses two related phenomena: south-south migration and its drivers, and work and development in the Global South.

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Human Rights and Social Justice

Scholarship on rights (and citizenship) has almost invariably seen these claims as being founded in liberal European contexts, 'exported' by imperialism to the Global South. Much scholarship on rights in the Global South has focused on the political rights of individual citizens as enshrined in constitutions, and other foundational legal documents. Yet the language of rights has been used and contested outside institutional arenas by a range of political actors. One goal of the Consortium is to explore alternative histories and conceptions of rights in the global South.

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Productive Transformation in Developing Countries

Under this research theme, we will develop an interdisciplinary framework to better understand productive transformation in developing countries, which incorporates a range of factors, including the global economic system (and the power relations behind it), technological changes, the financial and the corporate systems, social conflicts, and power struggles.

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Tri-Continental Tea Seminar: The Politics of Science and Technology in the Global South

Nov 27, 2017

The Consortium for the Global South invites you to participate in the first of its Tricontinental Tea Seminars. This informal series is intended to connect researchers working in different departments and disciplines within the University departments, to share knowledge, and to explore the potential for future collaborative projects.