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Dr Maha Abdelrahman

Dr Maha Abdelrahman

Reader in Development Studies and Middle East Politics


Dr Abdelrahman worked as an Associate Professor of Sociology at the American University in Cairo before joining the Centre of Development Studies in 2007. She has carried out consultancies for international development organisations such as UNICEF, OXFAM NOVIB and DANIDA. She is a member of the editorial board of the Cairo Papers in Social Science.

Key Publications

Policing neoliberalism in Egypt: the continuing rise of the ‘securocratic’ state, Third World Quarterly (2016)

Egypt’s Long Revolution: Protest Movements and Uprisings (2015)

'La montée et le déclin des Frères Musulmans dans l'ère post-Moubarack' in La Diplomatie au défi des religions: Tensions, guerres, médiations edited by Denis Lacorne et al, Paris: Odile Jacob (2014), pp. 109-127

'In Praise of Organisation: Egypt between Activism and Revolution' Development and Change 44(3), (2013)

A Hierarchy of Struggles? The 'Economic' and the 'Political' in Egypt's Revolution Review of African Political Economy 39(13):614-628 (2012)

‘The Transnational and the Local: Egyptian Activists and Transnational Protest Networks’ British Journal of Middle East Studies 38 (3), 407-424, (2011).

‘With the Islamists? Sometimes…With the State? Never! The British Journal of Middle East Studies 36(1), 37-54, (2009).

‘NGOs and the Dynamics of the Egyptian Labour Market’ Development in Practice 17(1) 78-84, (2007).

‘The Nationalization of the Human Rights Debate in Egypt’ Nations and Nationalism 13(2) 285-300, (2007).

Abdelrahman, M. et al., Cultural Dynamics in Contemporary Egypt Cairo Papers in Social Science 27(1/2) The American University in Cairo Press (2006)

Civil Society Exposed: The Politics of NGOs in Egypt, London: I.B. Tauris, New York: St. Martins/Macmillan, Cairo: The American University in Cairo Press (2004)

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Nov 27, 2017

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