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Consortium for the Global South


The Consortium for the Global South is a new collaboration led by the Centre of African Studies, Centre of Development Studies, Centre of Latin American Studies, and Centre of South Asian Studies. The Consortium is committed to promoting the interdisciplinary study of the Global South within the University of Cambridge and beyond. It brings together scholars of different regions and disciplines seeking to address some of the major challenges of the world today, and to locate these challenges in history.

The Consortium’s inaugural research agenda is focused around four key themes: The Politics of Science and TechnologyGlobal EcologiesMigration and Work, and Human Rights and Social Justice.  The Consortium also hosts the Decolonising the Curriculum Faculty Initiative, and warmly welcomes proposals for activities, initiatives, and collaborations from colleagues throughout the University. Seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other events organized or supported by the Consortium are listed on this website, as are links to other institutions and activities around Cambridge that might be of interest to scholars working in these areas.

Latest news

Tri-Continental Tea Seminar: The Politics of Science and Technology in the Global South

27 November 2017

The Consortium for the Global South invites you to participate in the first of its Tricontinental Tea Seminars. This informal series is intended to connect researchers working in different departments and disciplines within the University departments, to share knowledge, and to explore the potential for future collaborative projects.

The Consortium for the Global South

27 November 2017

The Centres of African Studies, Development Studies, Latin-American Studies and South Asian Studies are pleased to announce the launch of the Consortium for the Global South: a new initiative to exploit synergies between the research centres and to further inter-disciplinary studies across the University.